Staying Busy

11 Sep

OldParr2Progress in Candy Crush has hit a snag in Crunchy Courtyard. I was happy when the app finally opened in Facebook on the laptop and was quickly breezing through the levels but now find myself stuck at Level 677. Eeesh. Initially I thought it was a good alternatively to Farm Heroes when I was stuck at (the Farm’s) Level 451. But now… Sigh.

Farm Heroes’s Level 451 took me sometime to get through and when I finally did, happiness was shortlived as I got stuck at Level 454. Last week, there was so much frustration attempting these games, I decided to stop them for a breather and just stay away from my devices. Turning to my Old Parr bottles to paint, I finally completed the two bottles that I had painted the base earlier. Upon completion, I gave the bottles to my friend in exchange for another two bottles to continue this soothing activity when aggravation kicks in as far as my games are concerned.

Then, as always, when you least expect it, success! Managed to pass Level 454 but stuck at Level 460 now. Maybe I should stick to painting the four bottles that I have awaiting me.


One Response to “Staying Busy”

  1. justinaluther September 11, 2014 at 12:28 pm #

    I’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award.’ You have a lovely blog! Here is the link:

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