Oh Why Not?

15 Sep

PlastersM1 is up to sticking things on the wall again. Several nights ago, I found her injury plasters on the wall, at the same spot as where the fake diamond sticker has been for the longest time.

“Oh, why did you do that?” I asked sounding mildly annoyed.

“They were good plasters and I thought it’d be a waste to throw them away,” she justified as M2 listened on.

They never expected me to say, “Well, If you’re gonna stick plasters on the wall, at least stick them on the wall cracks!”

Both girls were taken aback with my answer but recovered quickly to let out a relieved chortle.

“Okay!” M1 readily agreed and peeled the two plasters from where it was and had them over the cracks in the wall.

Silly as it sounds, why not? Makes sense to plaster a crack on the wall, pun intended.


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