Should I or Should I Not?

19 Sep

Apple recently launched its new phones and OS. Now I am wondering should I upgrade (so soon again) when I had just upgraded not too long ago to my current iPhone5S? Several months back, my iPhone4 gave up on me and I had no choice and couldn’t wait for the new phones. How can one live without a phone?

Looking at the situation, it is most likely I will not change as I have already gotten used to my phone. But I am wondering whether to update the OS or not. I recall griping over the OS and how ugly it was especially over the message bubbles but in time, I have gotten used to it (the bubbles) and the OS. It was radical then the jump from OS6 to OS7 but with the new OS8, reviews have said it is not that radical an update but there are features that are promising, so maybe… perhaps it’s best to let the few million Apple users be the guinea pig first before I make a decision.

Then again, with Farm Heroes’ latest update, it seems to be rather unstable especially on the iPad. Although the fix was for a notification bug and nothing related to preparing it for the new OS8, it’s acting up and causing unnecessary loss of lives to play. If this continues, I may not wait for the millions of guinea pigs’ feedback and just update the OS on the iPad.


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