Onward to Our Desination

3 Oct

Hubby and I decided to fly Malaysia Airlines to show our support and solidarity with the airline. With the recent two tragedies, we try in our little way to support the national carrier.

Departure was on time and soon, the 737 was descending into Krabi. Whee…

The minute the plane stopped on the tarmac, you can feel the excitement. However, once we got on the bus and into the terminal, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down.

Uh-oh. Not a good start to a sunny holiday. To make matters worse, it was chaotic inside the terminal. There was no proper queue and the passengers just kept piling in. Hmm… a good time to practice patience. After all, we are supposed to be on holiday and shouldn’t be rushing.

The villa is not going to run away.


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