Killing Time, Part 2

5 Oct

There was a short little burst of sunlight after breakfast so we took that opportunity to walk to the nearby beach. The girls managed to comb the beach for some pretty shells while I made use of whatever sun there is to attempt to soak up some rays. But I don’t think it is working.

Hubby spotted the fast approaching rain from the horizon and quickly we packed up to head back to the villa. Thank goodness we brought the four umbrellas along for it poured before we reached the villa. Another washed out day.

Any thoughts of going to the island is now squashed as the driver advised us even the boatman is against it with choppy waters ahead. Safety over adventure is more important, one has to remember this.

Feeling sorry for us, our driver brought us to their neighboring sister resort, Akanak Resort, for a drink and a change in surrounding. We have all the time in the world now. So a Singha each, we might as well practice patience and just enjoy killing time.




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