You Spent What?!

13 Oct

It’s been a while since I had a call from home. M2 called me on the mobile and sounded very excited.

“Mummy! Guess what? We walked to Domino’s today for lunch,” she went on enthusiastically. It was a Friday and she had to stay back for cheer practice without coming home for lunch first. This is a one-off occasion and out of the usual Friday routine.

“Ah. You did, did you?”

“Yes. And you know what? The lava cake was so good! Sooooooo good!” she reported.

“I see. Maybe next time when we order Domino’s, we can get it too,” I suggested.

“Uh-huh!” she readily agreed.

“So how much did you spent?” I queried.

“Forty five bucks.”

“What? Forty five bucks?!” I was shocked. “You spent forty five bucks for lunch!”

“Err… Yes but there was change. Five bucks… and my friend paid a little bit for lunch too.” She tried to explain, “We ordered pizza, Pepsi, chicken wings, the lava cake…”

“You know how much I spent for my lunch today?” I interrupted her and went on without giving her a chance. “Five bucks. I spent five bucks for my lunch today and you! You spent forty five for yours!”

“Five bucks? Is that all? I could have bought you lunch with my spare change.”

Ooohhhh….. That child of mine. I was speechless.


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