I Had to Play It!

10 Nov

Prior to Candy Crush’s layout update on the iPad resulting in me being transported from Toffee Tower, I was actually stuck at Level 713 for awhile. It was yet another tough one to pass.

I was baffled how to get that one jelly which you cannot see in the beginning. Yes, only one jelly and you move on. I then realized it has to do with getting the keys to unlock the candy to get to the jelly. The last few levels in Boneyard Bonanza has a new element: keys to open the locked candies, which at times, are tougher than the Frog element.

Last week, I was in the midst of getting the keys when the girls hollered from upstairs for me to go up for the nightly ritual (the binkie boo act). Priority is priority – so I played the level as I was so close.

“You had to play?” hubby could not understand.

“Had to or want to?” M1 queried too. Well, none candy crusher (hubby and the girls) will never understand the candy obsession but luckily, they left me to do what I had to do.

Did I succeed? Thankfully yes and ritual was done, the night went on trying to tackle more candies. I am now at Level 717.


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