The ME is Still Me and Not You!

25 Nov

Setting up the phone was not as easy as we thought. Because it was my phone, my name, number and ID was everywhere. It took a while to figure out the ID, Phone, Message and FaceTime settings.

“Why is the ME still me and not you when the phone is in your name already and not mine?” I asked.

M2 was blank and M1 was equally confused.

It sounds convoluted. When test iMessages which was sent to M2 ended up coming back to me on my iPhone5S and my iPad Mini, something was not quite right! I think it was due to the fact that the iTunes and App Store account was linked to my email (which we left it as is) that everything got messed up.

Finally, I figured it out. It was under Mail, Contacts and Calendars that we had to identify ‘My Info’ on top of Phone, Messages and FaceTime settings. Once this was fixed, the ME on the iPhone4 is no longer me but M2.

Phew. It was way past midnight when this was resolved.


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