The Good Old Days

12 Dec

Not too long ago, M2 was querying me about vinyl albums and gramophones. She had been surfing and found these classics fascinating, even up to the point to suggest that we should buy a gramophone for the house. When we were in Bangkok recently, she saw these things in the mall and gave me a knowing look with a wiggle of her eyebrows. It’s quite amazing that such classics appeal to her.

The younger generation of today is so deprived of such classics with the advancement of technology. All they ever have to music are their iPods, the computer and the internet. Purchasing physical CDs are also being phased out slowly with the easy availability of music purchases online, iTunes or otherwise.

I had flashbacks about my childhood after her query. When I was young, I had access to my Dad’s vast collection of LP albums. When his good friend moved away, Dad inherited his (the friend’s) lot, making the collection even bigger! During the afternoons after school, I remember I used to open the cupboard and sieve through each and every album, admiring the cover design or photo. Somehow I ended up being the only one taking care of the collection – cleaning, playing and cataloging. It kept me occupied indoors when I didn’t feel like going outside to play. I even had one album of my very own: Donny Osmond – My Best to You!

Cringe or laugh you may but it was my mine. There was even a Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album! Eat that.

Sadly, after I moved out from the family home, the collection was neglected. And today, with Dad gone, I don’t remember what happened to them for they are definitely not at home anymore nor with me. A loss and a pity.


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