There’s No Free Lunch But There’s Free Dinner!

19 Dec

It’s awkward when etched-in-stone philosophies imparted on our young ones are challenged. I was just talking (and writing) about no free lunches to M2 and guess what? I was proven wrong. It is almost quite embarrassing…

Yesterday, I went to the mall (number one) with M1 after work to buy something. We walked past the supermarket and M1 said she was hungry—as it was close to dinner time—thinking maybe we could enjoy some free food samples from the supermarket (having learnt from my post the day before). Unfortunately the timing did not allow us as we had to make our way to mall number two to purchase something else which mall number one did not have.

At mall number two, we walked into Tesco and tadaa, right in front of us, there were several booths with free food samples! Hungry and unabashed, we both tried the spaghetti bolognese, beef soup, curry chicken, chicken-flavored rice and tempura onions. We even had coffee!

What can I say? Burp…


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