Curious About Alcohol

23 Jan

When M1 was 16, we realized she was curious about alcohol among the other things.

Whenever we have a glass of wine at home, we’d allow her to smell it and have a tiny sip. But many a times, the experience ends up with a cringed face and the tongue sticking out. Now that I reflect upon this, chances are the wine had probably gone bad! And there we were drinking it! Our hot and humid weather just doesn’t cut it to keep good wines. After several sips ourselves, down the sink it goes.

Then we’d do the alternative, having a beer with meals at restaurants. Beer tasting experiences also vary – from nice to yucks – depending on label.

I believe responsible parenting is teaching our teenager, in our presence, the wonders and dangers of alcohol rather than for her to discover on her own. She has recently turned 18 and for her birthday, we treated her to dinner and a couple of cocktails; no more mocktails.


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