What’s with the Hair?

29 Jan

When I was little, I had short hair. When I grew up, I still have short hair. My mother never made a fuss about my short hairstyle. Fast forward to me being a mother now with two girls.

And long hair!

Eeeks! Where did they get that inkling to want long hair? My mother has short hair, my mother-in-law has short hair and my hubby hardly has hair. Yet both M1 and M2 have abundance of hair! The ironic part is they chose to have it long yet they complain about how it takes forever to blow-dry after a wash; sometimes even questioning how come mine dries so fast. Gee, I wonder why.

I feel it’s cumbersome to have so much hair to wash and maintain especially for young people. So it’s a constant battle when it comes to grooming. I am always threatening to have 4 inches off their heads while they would negotiate for it to be only an inch or two off. Someone will always end up unhappy leaving the salon, I tell you.

Amazingly, last week when M2 made a trip to the saloon, she agreed to have 4 inches off but wished it was another inch or two cut off after coming home! Interesting.

Maybe she has come to her senses to have shorter hair. Dare I hope she may want a short hairstyle like me? It remains to be seen. M1, however, still has her precious locks intact.


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