M&M Time

24 Mar

It was a Thursday during the school holidays (for M2) last week and I dropped the girls off at the mall situated right in the heart of the city. They requested for a change in venue from our favorite malls for this outing to make it special and uninvited us. No parents allowed.

Prior to leaving home, M2 mentioned in passing that it was the end of the world. I feel for her. Her sister, possibly her best friend was leaving and they wanted this private time together.

I asked how come I was not included to which they replied it was an M&M time, and since I am not an ‘M’, I cannot join in. But I pointed out I was an ‘M’ too as in ‘Mommy’ but they insisted it does not count, I am not an original ‘M’. You just can’t have ‘M&M&M’ they chorused! It is only ‘M&M’ that is right.

So both M1 and M2 spent some quality time together. My eyes would well up with tears every time I think about it now. Sniff.

Both hubby and I met them later in the evening for dinner.

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