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A Fat Mermaid

26 Mar

Last night I had my gym session with just my trainer and it felt strange. No hubby (he had a dinner meeting) and the girls around unlike the week before where it was the final gym session for M1 with my trainer. It was fun because M2 came along and we sweated together for the last time. I thought it was a necessary session (remember my weighing scale?) especially to rid all that guilt (and fat) from the constant eating during the last week before M1 flew off.

My trainer gave us a tough time and everyone gasped for breath. But that wasn’t all. While doing stretching on the floor, M2 commented that I looked like a manatee. The gall of her! Giving her mommy a tough time too.

My trainer perked up and asked politely, a what?

Unabashed, she reiterated the manatee mention and fueled it further with a fat mermaid description, and that I looked like both. Eeesh. But all in good fun, we had a great laugh, gasping for breath all over again. M2 was on a roll with her acid jokes.

Right after that, she also mentioned that a fat unicorn is actually a rhino in disguise. Geez… The things they learn from the internet.

Well, fat mermaid and fat rhino aside, I really have to sweat it out and was glad we had that session together last week. Another memory etching moment to cherish.