The Joy of Driving, Part 2

27 Mar

It was a Saturday morning and we decided to walk into the BMW showroom to visit our friend who works there. The minute he saw us, he came over eagerly, I think happy to see us more than hoping to make a sale. The sporty looking Z4 caught our eyes. We looked at each other and in our mind, thinking alike, why not?

So we asked if we could take it out for a spin. He obliged but on condition that he has to sit next to the driver for legal issues. What this means is that both of us cannot be in the same car for it is a two-seater.

We both took turns at the BMW Z4. Put it this way, I have never felt such an adrenalin rush driving a car before. And never had I worked up such a sweat before driving. Then again, I have never gotten behind a real sports car and never had I stepped on it until it reached 240km per hour!


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