It’s A Beautiful Thing

6 Apr

Brushing aside ideas suggested for the two of us for the weekend, we actually had a busy time. I played golf on Saturday morning with my friends while hubby had a meeting with the resident committee of the estate we live in. Later that day, we attended a friend’s baptism.

This friend of mine is indeed a special friend as our friendship goes back a long, long way. How long you may ask?

Pre-historic I would say.

I have a picture of her and me plus some other friends at my 7th birthday party to support this.

Over the years in school, we were in the same class and sometimes not but facing all sorts of challenges and adventures together. As time passed, we went our separate ways (for further education, career, marriage and family) but always kept in touch. Fast forward to the future.

We became more connected than ever especially with the boom of technology. Also with priorities evolving constantly and the children getting older, hence less time focused on them, we were able to build an even stronger friendship in our busy lives. Always catching up and updating each other via a phone call or text messages every now and then, coupled with efforts to meet for dinner, it’s a special bond and a beautiful friendship.

And like our friendship, the baptism was of a special bond and a beautiful thing.


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