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13 Apr

There has been a sense of acceptance and calmness in me knowing that M1 has settled down on campus very well because we WhatsApp and Skype often. So now I focus on M2, spending a lot of time with her and constantly giving her the encouragement to do well in school so that she can be on the right path like her sister.

I have gone back to playing golf and my routine with my virtual games has progressed well too. A fellow candy crusher informed me that Level 875 was a tough one to cross but luck was on my side. I did short-work of it and currently, at Level 879 in Coco Crossroads. Another tough one to cross I must admit.

As for Candy Crush Soda, I have moved to Level 325 but looks like I will be stuck here for a bit; not an easy level to overcome. And for Farm Heroes, it was very trying to pass the two difficult levels of 726 and 728. Sitting at Level 730 now. So yeah, much progress.