Day at the Golf Course

22 Apr

Can’t believe we are into Day 4 of the trip already. Today we played at Nikanti Golf Club. A very modern club with good service with an excellent course condition, today proved to be a less stressful golf outing. 

One reason being we were allowed to have the buggies on course. As such, after the game, I only walked 7,623 steps after the game. I had an even better game today than the first two games. Although it was windy, it was hardly a factor.

But it’s never just the golf course but the company. We simply had a really good time. So much so, we decided we will go for an impromptu game tomorrow morning before we fly home!

For now, we head to Plaza Thaniya for some shopping and hopefully, a foot massage after that.

Dinner was quick, hot and uncomfortable. We couldn’t get a table in the air-con dining area. The humidity and heat was unbearable, I was hit with a sudden wave of nauseousness. The last bottle of whiskey was not appealing and the thought of more sweating if I ate all those chilli dishes just made me lost my appetite totally.

So thank goodness, there were slots for us to be rubbed down. Tomorrow will be a long day, waking up at 5.30am again and off to Lam Luk Kha for our final game before catching the 7.30pm flight back to KL.





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