Where’s the Crocodile?

2 May

Shan Shui is obviously different compared to Tawau Golf Club which was very narrow. And it has a star attraction. Actually had. At the Par 3 and we heard the sad end to it.

After our game, we were seated at the Clubhouse, the Golf Director came and joined us and told us tales of how the resident crocodile ate one of his worker! Oh my goodness. We were horrified. 

It seems that the worker was encroaching on the nesting beast, prodding the edge of the pond with a stick looking for lost golf balls, and mama was not happy about this. So out she leaped from the pond and grab him by the leg.

The next day, the body was discovered with the tummy section gone. Gulp… Something had to be done then. With a plan and the aid of several agencies, the resident croc was nabbed and killed. Hence, when we played today, no croc leaped out from the pond to grab us by the legs as we walked near it to approach the green. Phew.

And since we had a good time today, everyone agreed to the plan to play Shan Shui again tomorrow and play Tawau Golf Club on Monday instead.


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