Where Did You Go Again?

5 May

Last night we got home by 11.00pm and M2 was not asleep. So it was good to have a little catch up with her.

“Where did you go again, Mommy?” she said.

“Tawau, Sabah.” I replied her.

“Oh.” Then a longer one, “Oooohh…” as it dawned on her.

In her world of her own to be on the internet without constant supervision and my telling her wifi is sparse, it looks like she has been oblivious to where we have been the last four days!

“I thought you went to Bangkok again!” she sheepishly admitted.

“Haha… Did you wanted the Rolls Royce again?” I pulled her leg.

“Err, no. I found a new car and thought of asking you to get it instead!”

She never cease to amaze me.


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