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Black or Black

12 May

Every Monday without fail, I’d stare at my closet and debate what I should wear to the office. This black pants or that black pants (and it’s always pants not skirt). It’s funny considering all my black pants are of one brand only but I must say, different cuts.

After it is decided, next debate is the top: a black round neck tee, a black V-neck tee or a black polo tee. For a person who deals with so much colors (and creativity) at the office, I always maintain that my wardrobe shouldn’t be crowded with so many colors that I become indecisive. Even with just one color, black, I am always in a predicament, what more a myriad of color?

Many weekends ago, both girls wore black to go to the mall. I was aghast and queried why they had to wear black. To which they retorted that I always wear black to the office, why can’t they? Can’t argue with them. Sigh.