26 May

Of late the weather has been very unpredictable. This time of the year, we are supposed to be experiencing hot and dry conditions but no, it has been raining. Yesterday it poured like crazy. Unlike over the weekend, my golf club held its Annual Championship tournament and we had excellent weather. 

Weather aside, I think we are charged up from the event, my golf buddies and I plan to play another game this Thursday. But I am worried about the possibility of rain and commented about it, to which my golf buddy said, “Touchwood.”

This brought out a little giggle in me as it made me recall the last time when this word was used…

I cannot remember why but I clearly remembered M1 reaching over and smacking M2’s head lightly.

I glared at her. 

“I’m touching wood,” she explained referring to M2’s head being the wood. Such sisterly love.

So now whenever “Touchwood” is mentioned, I feel like smacking my own head in remembrance of the girls’ antic.


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