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11 Jun

For the first time I noticed an inconsistency in Candy Crush Soda! It is Level 375 and the challenge requirement is different on the iPad compared to it in Facebook on the laptop. Can you believe it?

There are four scenarios to pass. On the iPad, you have to save 40 bears. And you need to save 6, 12, 30 and 40 in this order to pass the scenarios to complete this level. On Tuesday night, for the first time, I realized that the same game at the same level, on the laptop in Facebook, only 36 bears are needed to be saved! Not 40 but 36.

And the sequence is 4, 10, 28 and finally 36. Hrmph… No wonder I have been stuck here for so long because I play on the iPad all the time!… You need to fix this!

So the minute I came home from office on Wednesday evening, I went straight to my laptop and attempted Level 375. And guess what? I made it pass Level 375! Finally. Yay.


40 bears for the iPad


36 bears in FB on the laptop