Can I Skip College?

16 Jun

I never expected this but M2 recently proclaimed that she would like to skip college. I was horrified but thank goodness, I did not faint. I thought with M1 now at college, it would inspire her but no.

This came about after her stress of studying and sitting for her mid-term exams. She had been complaining and asking why she has to study all those subjects that are irrelevant to her in her life. What is the point of learning stuff that will never be of use anyway? And in college, this whole process will be magnified even more. Although she’s only 13, coming to 14 soon, this studying business does not appeal to her.

Oh dear. How to deal with this?

So I asked what will she do instead if she didn’t choose to go to college. She said she will help animals. Ah hah… An opening.

I pointed out that if she wants to help animals, all the more she has to go to college. Otherwise where would she obtain her knowledge to help the hapless animals? As animals can’t talk, it would be tough to figure out their problems.

“I can google up!” she exclaimed.

“You can’t trust everything you find on the internet!” I pointed out to her. And we left things as is for now without things getting blown out of proportion. But I can tell you, this topic is still hanging and am pretty sure we will talk about it again.

Stay tuned.


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