Can I Live without My iPad?

23 Jun

There are times I wonder whether I can live without my iPad. Everyday I have my device with me to actually play my games more than anything else. It’s like an obsession and I may not realize it. While the iPhone5S serves to connect me and ensure my schedule is in order, the iPad is my escape to my virtual world.

Recently, M2 asked me this question – can I live without my iPad? Or rather, does the iPad ever leave my side? Well, last week I discovered I can and it could.

For two alternate days, hubby and I went to play golf with awkward schedules. One day it was after the game and we would go straight to the office while the other it was after office, then straight to the golf course. On both occasions, I left my device at home as I did not want to worry having it and leaving it in the car or in the locker.

I guess I can live without it. Sometimes. That’s good, I guess.


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