Movie Buff

17 Jul

It is only a Friday and a public holiday but feels like a Saturday. So we will be doing the weekend routine but with a twist.

We are going to the mall for a back-to-back movie outing! I find that this year I am watching a lot more movies than ever. I am never the movie buff like my sibling and Dad. Maybe this will change this year.

Dad was a movie buff. I remember when I was young, he would bring my sibling and I to the movies to watch the latest releases of Chinese Kung Fu movies. And we would do this frequently. Dad was into this genre and an occasional thriller/adventure but not soppy romances and horrors. Back in the dinosaur days, western entertainment offerings were rather limited and only mostly from Hong Kong as it was very costly to bring in a Hollywood movie.

I never understood all these fighting and its plots; I merely read the sub-titles but I enjoyed myself with the cold air-con, my usual choice of melon seeds and messing up the floor with the shells. Dad was into garbanzo beans. Less messy.

Cinema halls back then are also so different from theaters of today. For a mere a dollar more, Dad would always, always buy tickets for the upstairs gallery as the tiered seating offered better viewing than the ground floor, where seats are not tiered.

Theaters today offer so much more comfort, ease and choice. We pre-selected our seats and show time online to plan the day ahead. It’s a good bonding time with M2, doing something with her that she enjoys.


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