31 Jul

Our neighbor has moved. After a year renting the house next door, the family has gone back to their home country, England and it’s been very quiet the last two days.

Every now and then, their ever curious black and white cat would coolly saunter into our living room because we always leave the back door open at the terrace. The other prima donna cat stays indoors so we hardly see it. Then there’s the beagle, Jasper. He would look at us forlornly whenever he’s out and sees us playing with our dog, Rooney, in our back garden. Poor Jasper, he looks as though he lacks playtime and a play mate.

Our favorites are the cockatoos. Every morning, we can hear their chirps and chatter and every evening, when we come home, they would greet us ‘Hello…’. Sometimes they even amuse by calling out ‘Jasper…’ or imitating their masters.

The last two mornings when I awoke, silence. No birds chirping, no truck engine revving up nor the occasional whine from the pooch. I’m not used to it!

Goodbye my feathered friends and fur balls. Have a good life. We will definitely miss you (more than your masters).


One Response to “Goodbye”


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