To the Dentist, Part 2

4 Aug

So I went to the dentist. It was bad, the outcome of the visit. There is a hairline crack on my first premolar on the top right! And this is far worst than an outright chip or a dislodged filling. The little piece of cement that I initially thought was the filling that came out was actually my tooth.

The impact of the bite caused the gum to swell and there is a hairline crack right down the middle. Oh dear. How deep, he could not tell. So for now, he removed the old filling and patched it up. We see how I feel the next few days.

If the swelling subsides and no further pain, then the tooth is safe, meaning the crack is not that deep. But if the pain persists, we have no choice but to extract because with the crack right down the middle, the tooth is weakened and any patch job ain’t gonna help. It has been determined also that it is not a nerve problem that can be resolved to save the tooth.

The other tooth, the molar on the bottom left is okay. A simple patch job without any issues. I’d better be good and take my meds as prescribed and pray hard I don’t lose a tooth.



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