To the Dentist

4 Aug

I need to see a dentist to fix a filling that fell out when I was munching on a club sandwich last week. This is the second incident of me chewing on bread that caused my tooth filling to come loose and this time, it hurts.

Thinking of visiting the dentist brought back memories of when I first went off to college and then developed a tooth problem. My wisdom tooth was acting up and it came to the point of no rescue. I had no choice but to visit the dentist to confirm this.

It had to be extracted. But at an exorbitant cost. Seven hundred dollars, I remember. Sounds very expensive then. I called home and discussed with Mom and Dad.

In the end, I flew home that summer, my flight ticket costing a hundred more than the tooth extraction cost and had my wisdom tooth pulled out at a fraction of it.

As for my current problem, I see the dentist later today.


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