Feeling Incomplete

13 Aug

Although I hardly use my laptop for work, I feel incomplete. Every morning when I have my coffee, I would launch my laptop to read the news, go into Farm Heroes especially to collect my daily awarded beans (something I can’t do on the iPad) and play Level 1101 of Candy Crush because the game has yet to update for the iPad. Now I can’t do any of these because my laptop is not back yet.

A friend sympathized with me and reasoned that if my laptop went in to be resurrected, it should just take three days. I am not convinced. It definitely isn’t a situation of biblical proportions; furthermore, it went in on a Sunday and not a Friday, you know what I mean?

Thank goodness Candy Crush Soda updated for the iPad by Tuesday night, so I had my candy fix back. But still, I feel agitated and incomplete. By Wednesday night, Candy Crush finally updated for the iPad but I have been stuck at Level 1101 for sometime now, feeling incomplete suddenly becomes inept! I can play yet I can’t play. Aargh…

Anyway, Apple did not call on Wednesday but emailed a quotation over for the repair cost. I almost fell off my chair! It will cost a third of a brand new MacBook Air if I went ahead with the repair. This is the first time one of my Apple devices is causing so much grieve.

Now, on top of feeling incomplete (and inept) I am upset too. Hrmph. 


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