College is Tough

14 Aug

I listen with awe every time when we Skype with M1 on how she’s doing. Paper after paper to write, little quizzes here and there, meetings with TAs (Teaching Assistants) when necessary and group work efforts. I could never do what she’s doing.

I don’t recall my workload during my college days to be such. But then again, it could be the major that I was pursuing versus what she’s taking now, Graphic Design versus declared Food Science & Technology.

I remember my Typography class where the professor would come into the class for just ten minutes or so. He would mumble some project to the class and then disappear into his office to smoke his cigar, leaving the classroom of students to their antics. Some students would leave, others would just chatter. I was diligent, sat there with my headphones in place and did the work though.

I also remember sauntering into Design class on time but leaving early, informing my professor I had to go home to watch my soap opera, Days of Our Lives, before my scheduled work slot at the bookstore.

Ahh… Those were the days. I never had that many papers to write nor did I ever met up with any TAs. And what’s this clicker thing that they use nowadays? Maybe times have changed. I seriously think if I ever went back to college, I would fail miserably. 

The workload would be too much. So I am very pleased that M1 is coping well and holding up okay at university. Summer classes ends today and she flies off for a well-deserved break, heading two states away to spend some time with my girlfriend who lives there.


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