Satisfying a Craving 

21 Aug

I hardly have cravings, I just indulge. A glass of wine, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, some chocolate, you know… the usual decadent stuff once in a while. Last Friday I suddenly find myself craving durian, the King of fruits.

It’s been said when you crave something, most likely you are pregnant. The last time I had a strong craving, I was pregnant with M1 and I specifically remembered a strong craving for satay. Hubby had to oblige me. This time, while I am certainly and definitely not pregnant, it’s rather unexplainable that a sudden craving developed. And for durian!

We didn’t have to go far in search of it as my golf buddies came to the rescue! They were kind enough to go buy for me. I just had to pick it up after work: a tub worth at least 4kg of durian. Yum…

The minute we walked into the house, M2 groaned. The smell! It’s just too pungent for words. She opted to sit in the terrace away from the smell and played with Rooney, official pet number one. Between us and the maid, we polished off the tub.

No words can describe the smell. To say it smelly is an injustice. Then again to label it fragrant is equally incorrect. I guess one has to savor to appreciate as it’s an acquired taste. I was definitely a happy camper with my craving satisfied after the feast. Burp…



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