Yes, Thailand Again

29 Aug

I didn’t want to bore with the usual humdrums of the trip. Yes, we are in Thailand again but not in Bangkok city itself but at Khao Yai. I thought for a change, it would be nice to be away at a different destination that offered the same things we enjoy but a different surrounding.

This is my second time in Khao Yai, a first for hubby. The last I came here, I was with a big group of golfers and thoroughly enjoyed the several golf courses. I decided hubby should enjoy the area as well, hence the choice.

Unlike Bangkok, Khao Yai is less crowded but with equally excellent golf courses. My last two days at work was rather busy to the point I was semi-stressed while hubby is always stressed. So the timing of this trip is good for the soul and for us to destress.

There was a half hour delay in departure resulting in us arriving an hour late. But we cleared immigration and got our bags rather fast. The two plus hour journey from the airport to the hotel was rather smooth. Although the day started early, I am not that tired, I just can’t wait to tee off!

The hotel, Botanica Khao Yai is a five star resort. Lovely, intimate and totally indulgent, our room comes with a private plunge pool. A bit different from our usual golf trips, well, once in a while, we should reward ourselves. I live by the philosophy ‘work hard, play harder’.

We go for an early dinner tonight.



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