31 Aug

The lazy morning was just plain lazy. Breakfast was good and we had time to explore a little bit of Botanica. It is indeed beautiful from the architecture point of view, with the clever use of materials and space. Lots of infiniti pools here and there. 

Soon it was time to get ready for our second game. Kirimaya was just a short distance and within 15 minutes, we arrived. There were hardly any other golfers there and we could tee off earlier than our scheduled time.

Weather was excellent despite a slight shower, it did not spoil the game. 

For the second day, I played to my USGA handicap, so it feels good to be able to maintain the level. Hubby played his best game ever. All in all, the game ended all too soon. I must admit the greens were not as fast as yesterday. The course was not as sculpted like Toscana but nature played its role to shape the challenge.

A quick lunch again, this time at an eatery across the road from Kirimaya, I decided we need to go for a massage. Not so much from golf but I suspect this could be the pillows. Down pillows and I just do not do well together.

It’s been a good day!



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