A Colorful Birthday

11 Sep

The girls are teenagers now, 18 and 14 years’ old. At these ages, I deem it insignificant birthday numbers and therefore no big celebrations or parties. Unlike turning 10 or becoming sweet 16, life goes on and it’s just another day but with a small dine-out opportunity and a cake or cupcakes to mark the occasion.

Now the same can’t be applied to little ones under ten years old. My little niece and nephew has a party just about every year to celebrate their birthdays. This stems from them being the youngest and being indulged. With their birth dates very close to each other, my only sibling would hold a party, but just one for both of them.

I have forgotten how party planning goes as far as little ones are concerned. After all, our last big bash was when M2 turned 10 and that was like 4 years ago; and when M1 turned sweet 16 two years ago, not much planning was required, only some conspiracy with her friends to pull it off. Speaking of conspiracy, I remember when I turned sweet 16 donkey years’ ago, I conspired with Dad to have some friends over for a pizza party at home without the knowledge of Mom. She may know of this little secret now though…

Anyway, I was rather amused when the stage was set for the little one’s birthday bash last year. We were invited via online for the occasion and informed, in person, of the color theme. The nephew stated we must wear his favorite colors, orange or green, while the niece opted for pink or purple, colors apparently from the Disney movie, Frozen.

Oh. My. God.

The colors had flashes of Barney (the dinosaur) and Friends going through my mind! Four bright ghastly colors and how do I match? What do I match? Can I match anything? I can’t possible be one-sided favoring only one person’s favorite colors. Gently, I probed and they decided to include yellow and blue for variations. Phew. It was one heckuva colorful gathering as every family member obliged with this request.

This year, the party is not color-coded but activity-enhanced at an activity center. I am not sure I can survive jumping for an hour with a room full of little ones come Sunday. We shall see…


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