Eh? Different Again!

1 Oct

I have been very busy the past few days working on the design of a cookbook. So much so, I’ve actually neglected my virtual games. There just isn’t time in the office to sneak in a game even for a breather because my deadline is very tight. 

And the past few evenings when I get home, I would use the laptop only to read the news to unwind than to play any games. By bedtime, I am so brain-drained, there isn’t any energy left to strategize moves for candies or farm fruits. 

On Tuesday night, routine kicked in but news have been so unappealing, I played my games. And this was when I discovered yet another difference! has been very careless or perhaps sneaky to have different board setups for Candy Crush (Level 1180) and now, Candy Crush Soda too. Level 495 has different challenges for the iPad and in Facebook on the laptop. I really don’t know why but I feel saving 17 honey bears is an easier task than collecting 4 bottle caps. Let’s see how long I need to pass this level.


Honey bears or…


Bottle caps? You decide!



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