Everybody Has Skechers!

9 Oct

I was in M2’s room one night and discovered a pair of Build-a-Bear Skechers’ sneakers. How cute. I bought them from my trip with a girlfriend donkey years’ ago to Anaheim, California. I have forgotten about them and it’s just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

“Oh look! Skechers, like my walking shoes and new golf shoes,” I commented and started to put the mini sneakers onto Olaf, who has stumpy legs and the best candidate available to don the footwear.

“Yeah, everybody has Skechers,” replied M2.

“Yep. Me, Daddy, even Grandma and now Olaf,” I quipped.

“Except me…” M2 mumbled.

“I know. Soon. You’re in between shoe sizes now so no point buying a pair now and you will grow out of it.” I reasoned.

I guess it’s just a matter of time (and a lot of growing) before M2 joins us in having a pair of Skechers too.


Don’t they look cute?


Olaf trying on the Skechers!



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