What to Name Your Fish

15 Oct

With the new aquarium and four new fishes, we were at a loss what to name them as we decided to give the name ‘Bob’ a rest. M2 and I separately checked out websites for ideas; she at bettafishhome.com and I at cuteness.com. My site had 100 popular names for fish and incidentally, Bob IS on the list too, sitting at number 42.

It’s hilarious what we found. In the end, she named her Betta, Svetlana (chortle!) as if it’s Russian or Eastern European when most Bettas are usually Asian especially from Thailand, hence Siamese. 

I decided to go with a less exotic name, Bubles and hubby named his, Finney. The fourth fish remains unnamed. Perhaps we will Skype with M1 for suggestions.


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