To the Dentist, Part 4

30 Oct

So I managed to get an appointment with the dentist yesterday. The outcome was not good. The little gaping hole was actually not that big a hole but it’s the tooth that I should be worried.

The dentist did a quick patch up job and explained that the hairline crack splitting my tooth down its middle has grown! Oh dear. The next big impact may result in it to be pulled out. Gulp. Not good at all.

What have I been eating? I thought I have been very careful but he said it is no point to chew on one side because the hairline crack has been in existence for a while now. No matter how I eat, there will always be grinding and force even if I used only one side.

The day will come when the tooth finally gives in and splits. Hopefully not that soon. And when that day comes, I have two choices, either a bridge or an implant. Crowning is not an option with the weaken base. So with either one, it’s bye bye pre-molar, you’ve been good while you lasted. Sigh…

Last night I flossed my teeth and felt something sharp. A little chip… uh oh. Methinks at this point, that day will come sooner than later.



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