Tired of Michael

5 Nov

I listen to Michael Buble in my car all the time. But sometimes when I get tired of him, I switch to Jacky Cheung or Sam Cooke. Pretty lame music choices but they are soothing. And definitely way better than the radio that constantly has annoying chatter and cackles plus advert interruption. 

If I want to drive to work daily, at least it should be pleasant and pleasant ambience, music in other words, is important.

Now my six CD changer in the car has gone kaput. So I am only using the single CD player. Hence the same music all the time. Sigh… unless I change and it is quite a bother to do so.

Last week, I rediscovered my iPod Mini. The first generation model and the first of my many Apple devices. And in it, I loaded 932 songs which would be ideal for the car! It’s pre-Michael days and so many genre and choices.

But alas… the dinosaur device can’t hold water. Its battery simply cannot last. Double sigh…

Thank goodness I found my other device, the iPod Shuffle and with 124 songs in it and pre-Michael days too, I am pretty much spoilt for choice. So yay, no more Michael for the time being until I get tired of the 124 songs.



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