A New Scheme

13 Nov

There is a reason for M2’s new found efforts to do well for the exams. I initiated this new rewards program after the mid-terms disappointment, that one another story by itself. The new scheme worked out well for the 3rd exam of the year and she was totally motivated. So we are hoping for the same results or better for the year-end finals.

It’s very simple, really. Since we have stopped going for long family vacations, trips are no longer the incentive, the last one being the Great Road Trip Adventure under the Carrots Reward Program in 2012. Also it’s just odd to travel afar so soon without M1. Maybe next year…

Anyway, it’s all about what you do is what you get.

For every ‘A’ achieved, my payout to M2 is twenty dollars; a ‘B’ would be ten and a ‘C’ nothing. But if a ‘D’ is obtained, she has to pay me back a twenty. I think this scheme works out well as M2, at 14, is old enough to understand the meaning of working hard to be rewarded besides appreciating the value of money.


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