It Rained

20 Nov

We touchdown on time despite departing half an hour late and made our way to Kelab Golf Sarawak. Our entourage was early and lunch has yet to be served.

So we took our time to unload, settle in and rested before lunch was finally served. After that, we waited for our hosts to arrive before a slight drizzle came down. Haish… All the way here to escape the rain back home only to be greeted by more rain here. Not promising.

Finally, we managed to play some good golf. But as we were about to complete the 9th hole, the siren went off. Oh no…

For everyone’s safety, all buggies returned to the Clubhouse. Within a short time, the skies opened up and it rained heavily but only for a short while, making the already long day stretch even longer.

After the quick downpour, the sky cleared for golf to be resumed. But the grounds were soggy, the balls could not run, often plugged and my Skechers were wet. Plus it was getting dark. By the time we completed 18 holes, it was close to 6.30pm. What a long tiring day.

On the bright side of the situation, I walked 21,412 steps, burnt 652 calories and several grams of fat! This is according to my MiFit band.

I am so tired now and better get some sleep because wake-up call tomorrow is 5.00am. Groan…

Hopefully no rain to disrupt the timing and let us have an enjoyable time.



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