Overcoming Hard Levels

3 Dec

Sometimes when I am stuck at my games and cannot figure out how to go pass that level, especially the two candy games, I would go to YouTube to see what or how others have done to tackle the challenge. Recently, Candy Crush added a ‘Hard Level’ mention and Soda added a skull icon to levels that are really hard.

Maybe to preempt or remind one that it will be tough? In one way, it helps because I now know that it will be hard and I won’t feel so aggravated. Then again with the skull, it’s as if it’s telling you, you’re gonna die trying, bwahahaha!

Mean, isn’t it? When all attempts fail, either I YouTube for help or stay away from the games for a few days.

I was stuck for the longest time at Level 813 for Farm Heroes, Level 516 for Soda and Level 1242 for Saga but thanks to YouTube, I became unstuck and have progressed on. But now I find myself stuck again at Level 829 for Farm Heroes, Level for 563 for Soda and 1313 for Saga. Never-ending woes…


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