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What a Feast!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas! The pictures say it all; the Christmas spread was all homemade-save for the two cold cuts-and prepared with love. Pre-dinner was red wine with salami and chocolates. 

For dinner, we had the traditional turkey, mash potatoes with bacon bits, salad, dinner rolls and a cake and lots of wine. And after dinner, out came the coffee and more dessert, pumpkin spiced Oreos and whiskey! It was a good time with everyone feted and happy moments forever in our memory banks now. 

When present wrappers were shredded, many squeals of delight and joy could be heard along with the oohs and aahs. The joy of giving and the joy of receiving is indeed priceless.

Sigh. Another year has gone by so quickly.

Merry Christmas again to everyone and thank you to the readers/followers of my blog. May your year end on a high!


Christmas Eve Dinner 2015


Toblerone cheesecake