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It’s Gone, I Think

22 Jan

From the beginning of the Christmas week until today, it’s been a good five weeks that I’m having the laryngitis. But I can feel it dissipating this week. Thank goodness.

The earlier weeks of suffering, I had actually gone to see the doctor twice, took two bouts of medication and even did the inhaler. After that, it was plenty of rest, fluids, being mindful of the food choices and no talking. 

However, after all those precaution, I felt there was no improvement and I did not want to subject myself to too much antibiotics, I turned to taking Chinese medication and it helped. Now some people may tsk-tsk at alternative medication methods but I will take whatever works.

The further improvement I noticed was after I had whiskey! Maybe the alcohol killed all the germs? Whatever it is, I can safely say I am much, much better now, in time to usher in the coming Chinese New Year loudly! YAY.