Squeals of Delight

1 Feb

Saturday night was such a trip down memory lane. I met up with old high school friends after so long. Arrangements were made several weeks ago to gather as many as possible as one of them was coming back from Hong Kong for a visit and requested for a reunion of sorts.

It took some effort but it happened. Thanks to Facebook and WhatsApp, within days most whom I reconnected with agreed to come.

When one by one walked into the restaurant on Saturday night, there were repeated squeals of joy and delight, followed by hugs and laughter. It was indeed a delight to see old friends again after 30 years. Yes, I admit, we are dinosaurs, 30 years.

Thank goodness, the restaurant was pretty noisy, so our squeals, giggles and chatter did not make heads turn nor bring the roof down. So many questions, so much changes (physically especially) yet we all still looked the same. For a brief moment, we seemed to have been transported back in time to our boisterous and giggly teen selves of the good old high school days. It was nostalgic.

In that four hours, much was exchanged amongst us, updates on life, pictures of family and all.

I am glad those who showed up did. As we are not getting younger, such occasions are moments to cherish. My only wish is we could do this more often, get together over dinner or drinks to continue to shape this beautiful thing we call friendship.

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