Busy Nights Ahead

5 Feb

This year, it’s an important exam year for M2 and she has taken the initiative by enrolling for extra tuition classes. And when I say extra, it certainly is. What this actually means is hubby and I will have to dutifully play chauffeur to send and pick her up from these weekday night classes, and it has been three days in a row starting this week!

As a result of this new schedule, my Wednesday gym session was cancelled and shifted to a new slot, Monday, the only tuition-free night. On top of this, there will also be a Friday night class and this will commence after Chinese New Year. Dang… It makes me feel like it’s a marathon studying period and we are part of it as well.

It has been hectic for M2 lately because everyday she finishes school at 5.30pm having to stay back for games and sports practice. This is how the routine has been the past few weeks, coming back later than usual after school. Add in the new extra classes… Tiring. And it will be like this until Sports Day in March. After that, school hours are back to normal but tuition hours continue.

Well, it’s for a good cause and we have to do what is necessary to ensure she is well prepared for the big exam.

Thank goodness, next week is Chinese New Year and we look forward to the week long break. But once the festivity holiday is over, the hectic schedule resumes with the busy nights ahead.


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