A Long Day

29 Feb

Saturday was a long day. Amazingly, I beat the wake up call of 5.30am by waking up 15 minutes ahead and finished my packing. It was our last day in Phuket. We got ready but I did not have my coffee as the van came early and we left for Blue Canyon Golf Club after loading up everything.

Traffic was not too bad being a Saturday but we barely made it. With the golf registration all done and before I knew it, we had to tee off and I still have not had my coffee.

The Blue Canyon canyon course was tough, an old course amidst rubber trees. The course was very dry and tons of dried leaves on the ground. There was even a point where the tee boxes were missing, buried under an ocean of leaves. The caddy had to use a sand bunker rake to clear a spot for us to stand properly to tee off. 

Overall, I guess our expectations of the course left us a wee bit disappointed. Course was generally dry, even the creeks and bare trees lined the sides of some fairways. The sun came down hard and it wasn’t windy. I opted not to have a beer on the course because I have yet to have my coffee. Oh well. We finished our game early, had a good lunch at the clubhouse and got to the airport by 2.30pm.

Our friends’ flight was at 5.00pm, two hours earlier than ours so it made sense to get to the airport early which we didn’t mind as our departure was only two hours after theirs. But it was not to be when we discovered our departure was delayed and the day stretched longer for us. Sigh.

It was only then at 4pm that I finally had my coffee and I was very tired. Our wait at the airport was long. To cut a long story short, I had to have another coffee to stay awake. We finally boarded and left Phuket at 9.00pm instead and got into KLIA2 at 11.00pm. The huge airport meant we had to walk a good distance to retrieve our golf bags from Oversized Claims and from there to the Arrival Hall, another good kilometer away. By the time we arrived home, it was 1.00am! What a super long day.

Thank goodness, it was Sunday the next day to rest and rest we did. The getaway has officially ended and back to routine and time to plan for the next one to recover from this one!



Where’s the tee box?


Tee box must be here




Pin is right behind the tree in the middle!




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