Childhood Ruined

18 Mar

It was December last year and our last weekend with M1. We decided to take a short drive back to my hometown for the best Mee Hoon Kueh, a dough-based soupy dish. It was a good brunch. Mom also makes this all the time and the girls love it.

After the meal, I thought it would be nice to drive around town to show them my old school and the houses I grew up in. At least give my children a glimpse of my past.

All my life, I’ve lived in four houses. We went to the fourth house first as it was the closest to get to. It still looked the same albeit some minor renovation and paint job to the front. Then we rounded the corner of the same neighborhood to house number three where we lived for a short time only but plenty of good memories too, like the time I battled a rat in the house! Another time on this… 

Then I was excited to show them house number two where I spent most of my life growing up there. Turning into the lane, I could rattle off the neighbors’ names whom I can remember. Four houses on that row have changed, renovated or rebuilt. One remained as is from the good old days. When we drove up to my old house, number 9, I was horrified!

Where’s the house? OMG.

There’s nothing on the wonderful 14,000square feet of land except overgrown trees and bushes. The house has been torn down. Oh.My.God. In that instant, my cherished childhood flashed before my eyes and it felt tarnished and ruined!

Ten years of memories zipped through my mind. I was shocked to say the least. How could anyone tear down such a beautiful house?

I could only share stories with the girls instead of the real thing. Hubby asked about the treasure I buried donkey years ago. How can I ever dig it up now? 

The indicator was the back door, some twenty steps straight then to the left, or was it to the right? I cannot remember, it’s way too long ago. Without the structure, it’s hard to pinpoint but I am darn sure it’s still there because I used a MacDonald’s styrofoam Fillet O’Fish container and this material don’t disintegrate with time.

Back then, being an innocent little one, how would I know styrofoam would be bad for the environment as I thought it would be a good treasure chest? We will never find out if it did last.

After getting over the shock, I didn’t feel like showing them house number one and we headed back home. Maybe some things of the past should be left unvisited. Sad.



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