Noises in the Ceiling

1 Apr

We like our house and enjoy the space, warmth and comfort it offers. But I realized we are not the only ones who like it; there are creatures who share the same sentiments as us. We have had a bird come and made a home with her nest not too long ago at the car porch. But this feathered friend is not the first, there were earlier settlers, on the gutters outside the kitchen, M2’s bathroom and in the garden. I’ve lost track.

So far we have had other short term visitors: rats, squirrels, cats, more birds, snake(!), bat and owl. With our dog, fishes, tortoises and turtles, it’s almost like a mini zoo!

This morning when I woke up, I heard noises up in the ceiling.

Something is up there, busy traipsing across the length of the room, lugging what sounded like a twig or wire. I think it’s a bird because it sounded light footed. Surely it cannot be a furry four legged? Gulp…

Whatever it was, I think it’s trying to build a nest and settle down. Maybe we will check out the ceiling in a few days’ time to see who’s come a calling.


Day visitor


Unwelcomed visitor in the garden!


“Indoors is better!”



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